Winter Maintenance Policy statement (1st October to 15th May):

DirectRoute Fermoy Ltd is responsible for Winter Maintenance activities on the Fermoy PPP M8 Rathcormac/Fermoy Bypass including both precautionary and reactive salt treatments of the M8 Project Road.

This runs from Junction 14 through to north of Junction 17 of the M8, including all interchanges and associated roundabouts:

  1.  Moorepark M8 Junction 14 and south slips only.
  2.  Corrin M8 Junction 15, Slip Roads and Roundabouts.
  3.  Curraghprevin M8 Junction 16, Slip Roads and Roundabouts.

It is Directroute’s policy that safe passage along the Project Road is not endangered by snow or ice and to keep to a minimum delays caused by adverse weather, so far as is reasonably practical. Road salt treatments in conjunction with snow ploughing where necessary, will be used to meet these criteria.

To this end Directroute will be carefully monitoring the road and weather conditions from 1st October to 15th May each year to ensure that suitable precautionary treatments are applied to the Project Road and that prompt response is made to any deterioration of weather conditions or forecast. A Winter Maintenance Management Plan for each year sets out the arrangements for all aspects of winter maintenance.

For further information regarding Fermoy PPP winter maintenance operations, please contact DirectRoute Fermoy at the following address:

Directroute (Fermoy) Ltd
Richmond House,
Richmond Hill,
Co. Cork
Tel: 025 51 936

Note: Extend of project road as highlighted